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Rogue casinos will either make us of a licensing jurisdiction that isn’t particularly concerned with its players or will have a false license claim. The strictest online casinos licensing jurisdictions are Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney, and the Isle of Man, so most sites that have a license from any of these jurisdictions are already well-established and well-known to the public. However, if you’ve come across a new site which claims to have a license from one of these jurisdictions, you must investigate this claim and not just accept it at face value. Just as your favourite online sportsbooks for FIFA World Cup betting is licensed, so should your favourite online casino be. The badge at the bottom of site which states the licensing jurisdiction should link directly to a certification page which contains the casino’s name https://safecasinogambling.net/ . If it doesn’t, rather high-tail it out of there. Get In Touch with Support Testing the support staff is always encouraged before creating an account with any online casino – even if you don’t suspect any foul play. It’s definitely preferable to know right away if the support staff are helpful and effective, rather than finding out they aren’t when it comes time to withdraw your winnings! Get in contact with support and ask them a few basic questions regarding promotions, creating a new account, the banking options, or whatever else might be applicable. Consider how long it takes someone to get back to you, and look out for automated, irrelevant responses. If the support staff don’t give you individualised information, it’s a red flag that customer satisfaction isn’t a major priority to them.